The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, also known as SFMOMA, is located in San Francisco, California which holds an internationally acclaimed collection of modern and contemporary art. SFMOMA was also the first museum on the West Coast solely devoted to 20th Century art. Its building is designed by a Swiss architect named Mario Botta, which are impeccable and well-thought of. The buildings made by Mario Botta, is in my “must see” list. Here some “must see” things to in SFMOMA:

  • The Rooftop Garden

Don’t forget to stop by the rooftop sculpture garden for a look at some interesting large-scale works. Try and examine the intricate spidery design of  The Nest by Louise Bourgeois. It will give you the creeps and also keep you fascinated at the same time.

  • La Conversation by Henri Matisse

It is located at the second floor of the museum. Matisse’s use vibrant colors that make the painting stand out in a crowd. His depiction of those two smiling women will leave you wondering what they are talking about.

  • Photography in Mexico Exhibition

The SFMOMA was one of the first museums to celebrate photography as a form of art. This exhibition gives an amazing glimpse of the rich culture and tradition of Mexico and its people.

There are a lot of captivating things about SFMOMA, you can look into to see these captivating things that I am talking about.